Híreink » ECO-INNOVATION VIRTUAL LAB2018. December 17. 13:36

In the scope of #EcoInn project, we developed #Virtuallab as a place for gathering offers and demands for eco-innovation.



Virtual lab http://ecoinnovative.eu is created as a part of the project EcoInn Danube. It is a place for transnational cooperation in eco-innovations, further development and commercialisation of eco innovations, bringing eco innovation actors together. It is great place for innovative companies and research institutions looking for eco solutions or offering eco solutions.

Producers are forced to look for eco solutions enabling them to perform a greener production. Researchers perform environmental research which is often not problem solving oriented. Our aim is therefore to increase the match of demand of producers and supply of researchers in order to support an applied environmentally oriented research which will lead to the development of new eco-technologies with a practical application.

This virtual lab is focused mainly on projects in area of biotechnology, water & cleaning, waste management, new building materials, energy saving technologies, environmentally friendly systems.

The Virtual lab is open and available service for everyone who have or need some eco-solutions. It is a tool for presentation of demand and offer to the wider public, their potential clients and business associates.

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